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Discovering your wholeness through awareness

Bodywork: Michelle uses a combination of bodywork techniques (such as gentle massage, Hakomi, Healing Touch & Reiki) with mindfulness to access your body's own wisdom. Being open and mindful to your body's wisdom brings you back to your wholeness. Sessions are typically an hour and involve being fully clothed on the massage table.  By appointment - $50/session.

Feelings Essential Oil Treatment: Michelle combines bodywork using pure essential oils that invite the release of emotions allowing for increased openness and balance. Sessions are typically 75 minutes.  By appointment - $60/session.


Therapeutic Head Massage:  Hydrate your hair and scalp to balance the harsh dryness of Colorado - Relax into this soothing head/scalp massage with a powerful herbal hair oil conditioner that works deeply to nourish hair follicles while providing excellent moisturizing to the hair and scalp.  Session includes massage of upper shoulders, neck and facial pressure points.

By appointment - 25 minute session/$25.

Add a 20 minute aromatherapy steam shower to deepen the experience for your entire body - $10.


Nurture Night with Friends: Enjoy an evening of being pampered and time to nurture your body, mind, and spirit with a private group of the beautiful women in your life. This is an opportunity to gather with your friends for an evening to celebrate a birthday, special event or just private time with those women you love. The evening includes:                                                             

• a luscious head massage by Michelle using a nourishing warm herbal hair oil

• tantalizing massage oils, aromas, mists, and lotions

• luxurious paraffin hand treatments

• relieving aromatherapy hot or cool towels for your neck and/or feet

• enjoying soothing hot tea and velvety dark chocolate while relaxing in the

   company of friends

• Optional bonus - Invigorating & Refreshing Aromatherapy steam shower

            Steam showers:

                  - alleviate stress

                  - improve blood circulation

                  - ease muscle tension and pain

                  - clean out pores and add moisture to dry skin

                  - relieve joint pain and stiffness

                  - enhance your immune system and flush out toxins

                  - relieve sinus congestion (helpful for bronchitis, asthma and allergies)

We all work hard physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually everyday! Come and enjoy an evening of rejuvenation that you all deserve!

Cost $25 per person - 5 women maximum (Aromatherapy steam shower option + $5). 

Contact Michelle to schedule your relaxing evening. Note: Nurture Nights last 2 hours and can also be scheduled during the day. Participants do not need to decide until that evening if they would like to indulge in the steam shower.

Stress Management 101: Learn simple ways to de-stress at work and at home. In this one hour workshop you will learn and practice techniques for relaxation including deep breathing exercises, guided meditation, noticing self-talk, and practicing gratitude. Michelle is available to present this workshop to groups at your workplace. This workshop can be incorporated easily as a Lunch 'n' Learn. Please contact Michelle for details on cost and scheduling. Discounts given to non-profit organizations.

Loving What Is: Finding love and appreciation instead of disappointment and hurt. This empowering group will help you to experience more joy and love in all of your relationships. Through a simple method of questioning our thoughts we discover happiness and freedom in our lives. This group meets once a week for 1 1/2 hours for 3 consecutive weeks. Cost $50 for series. See Calendar for upcoming dates.

Finding Your Center: Learn & practice practical ways to feel more relaxed, centered and focused at work and in your everyday life. We will explore centering, meditation, deep breathing, focusing, and movement just to name a few. Group meets 4 times for 2 hours each - Cost $70 series.  See Calendar for upcoming dates.

Seasonal Detox Retreat: Inspired by Ayurveda (Healing system from India) 

Take time to transition into the upcoming season with this relaxing and rejuvenating retreat. This weekend retreat involves a detoxification program ideal for eliminating imbalances that naturally build through the seasons. Enjoy freshly cooked meals, facilitation of head and body self-massage, meditation, art, yoga & dance/movement opportunities, and time to be on your own to rest and relax. (Vata Retreat in early Fall, Kapha Retreat in early Spring, Pitta Retreat in early Summer - See Calendar for upcoming dates and pre-registration information.

Spiritual Sharing Circles: The richness of each or our lives is explored in these small circles through sharing, reflection, music, and prayer. Based on Joyce Rupp’s book The Cup of Our Life, we discover our own openness, wounds, anxieties, and compassion that exists in us all and learning to accept all those parts of ourselves. Sharing your life with others can lead to great intimacy and healing. These circles meet once a week for 1 1/2 hours for six consecutive weeks - Cost $80 for series. Please contact Michelle if you are interested in this group.

Spiritual Direction: Spiritual direction invites you to honor your soul by exploring your life/spiritual journey within a supportive, safe, reflective environment. Having a supportive person to listen and encourage you while in the midst of life transitions, experiencing loss or grief, or seeking your own spirituality can be a healing experience. By consciously discerning your own unique path, discovering your inner wisdom and personal truth, you develop a greater sense of self. Sessions are usually scheduled once a month for an hour. Michelle may also be available to meet with you regularly during your private retreat. $50 for one hour session.

Retreats/Workshops: Michelle is available to present various topics for retreats and workshops.

Contact Michelle for more information on any of these offerings or to schedule a session.


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