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Michelle's gentle, intuitive mindfulness bodywork assisted me in releasing many toxins and 'old stuff.' I have done some of my best bodywork with Michelle.   Marlou

Michelle, you have a beautiful gift and it is God inspired.   H. S


I had a fabulous time at Nurture Night. It was nice to connect, enjoy an atmosphere created to encourage and to nurture. Loved the music!    Tawana


Nurture Night was just wonderful! Michelle's space is very relaxing, comforting and happy. I left feeling centered and relaxed for the the first time in weeks.   

 Michele E. Mukatis, Owner/Consultant of Cultivate Health

This class (Loving What Is) was very helpful to me. It's helping me be more aware of my own feelings and trying to be more honest with myself.   S. J

I am a professional woman working in the helping field. I took Michelle's class (Spiritual Sharing Circle) and experienced it as a great gift that I gave to myself. Coming together with other incredible women to share stories, insights, offer support and connect was amazing. I began to see it as an oasis of peace in the middle of my busy week because when I left I felt so refreshed and uplifted. Although I felt secure spiritually this experience has greatly enhanced that feeling and I enjoyed hearing others share about their spiritual life. I would recommend this Spiritual Sharing Circle to anyone living a hectic life as a chance to slow down, take notice and connect with others interested in the same.     Susan R. Comeau, LPC, NCC

The power of the sharing worked deeply on me. This is a huge leap of growth for me. I can see myself once more coming to this open, clean sharing space again. The (Spiritual Sharing) Circle is very, very valuable. Thank you so much.     J

Michelle is a sensitive and compassionate individual with exceptional listening skills. She helped me in spiritual direction and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of spiritual guidance and healing.           Cheryl R.

Michelle A. Hair,  BS, RMT




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